Pickup Request

Use this form to request Airgas pick-up of gas cylinders and cryogenic dewars. Refer to the bottom of this page for details on filling out the form and following up on previous requests made.


Instructions for Lab 

Options for barcodes 

There are several ways to record and enter the barcodes for this form:

  • Write down barcode, type it into this form, and verify that it is correct.
  • Use a barcode app to scan barcodes, then transfer them to your computer. Two apps that have been tested are the Bar-Code app for iPhones and the Scan to Spreadsheet for Android. 

Cylinder Labelling and Access

Verify that the cylinder is marked empty or ready for pick up, that the regulator has been removed, and the cap is on.

Airgas must be able to safely access the storage area. 

Request Followup

Save the email confirmation you receive following form submission and any correspondence from Airgas with their request number. Email John Jordan for status inquiries.